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Catherine Hiller's new novel, Cybill Unbound, was published on February 14, 2023. 


The book features a sensuous older woman who is open to sexual adventure. It  chronicles her life and loves over a thirty-year period, ending with the chapter, "Passion in the Pandemic." 


If you're over forty-five and have ever fantasized about giving in to temptation, this book is for you.



"Readers (especially women) who enjoy candid stories of risk, transformation, exploration, and social inspection will find Cybill Unbound fun, intriguing, titillating, and thought-provoking...Libraries seeking fiction that traverses erotic and psychological growth much in the way Erica Jong did in her Fear of Flying will find this journey of a middle-aged woman a satisfying contrast." 

                                  -- Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review


"Odd as it may sound, Catherine Hiller's new novel, Cybill Unbound, reminds one of Sigmund Freud's Civilization and its Discontents, in which he explores the eternal conflict that civilization thrusts on each and every one: the Pleasure Principle (our reckless, heedless childhood ID that's always with us) vs. the Reality Principle (the policeperson inside demanding strict adherence to the rules). Cybill embodies this conflict in almost everything she says--and, most tantalizingly, does. But what's most interesting about such conflict is that she thrives on it. Without pleasure, what's the point of living? … It is not just a good read--which it is in spades--but an instructive one. As much psychological and sociological as novelistic, Cybill Unbound deserves to be read by everyone, male and female alike."

                             -- Stanley Hoffman, author of Solomon's Temple  


"Continuously titillating, never salacious."

                            --JWB, Amazon reviewer 



Click HERE for an excerpt, first published in NextTribe.                                                                         




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