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Skin: Sensual Tales

Thirteen stylish short stories about love and sex, especially the latter. "Not for the prudish," said Publishers Weekly. The collection includes the story, “Bad Sex,” which is about great sex and was published in the anthology, Bad Sex.  


Others include "The Perfect Aphrodisiac," which takes the form of a scholarly article and reimagines the accidental discovery of LSD by Albert Hofmann in Basel: what if, instead, he had discovered a true aphrodisiac? "Yearning at Yaddo" is about a woman who cheats on her novel with her story, while "The Pleasures of the Text" shows the development of a young writer through the erotic stories she composes in her head before sleeping.

“Skin” and “My Lover’s Family” are structured like collages, with events juxtaposed against each other. Both won PEN Syndicated Fiction Awards.