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The Adventures of Sid Sawyer

Return to St. Petersburg–America’s hometown. The Adventures of Sid Sawyer is a companion book to Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer and is written for children and adults. If you remember being delighted by Tom and his friends, and if you like your nostalgia with a twist, then this is your book.

Tom Sawyer’s half-brother, Sid, is a goody-goody and a tattletale—at least according to Tom. In The Adventures of Sid Sawyer, we meet another Sid, a bright and courageous young boy determined to find his father, who has disappeared years earlier. As Sid searches for his father, he survives a kidnapping, a tornado, and an encounter with the Sac Indians.

In Sid Sawyer, major events from Tom Sawyer—Tom whitewashing the fence, Tom attending his own funeral, Tom and Becky lost in the cave—are now seen through Sid’s observant eyes. Sid provides a new perspective on characters we know from Tom Sawyer. The cheerful rascal Tom is revealed to be a reckless bully, Cousin Mary is a secret minx, and Aunt Polly enjoys napping after a spoonful of “Ladies Tonic”

But the most surprising and intriguing character in this new book is the young narrator, Sid Sawyer—a big-hearted boy genius. The Adventures of Sid Sawyer gets its comic energy by comparison with the classic, but it stands on its own as the story of a young boy engaged in a quest for his father—and his own identity.