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From the LAUNCH ISSUE, Introducing the Pleasure Principle:


Are the good times behind us once we turn 50? Quite the contrary! A  graph by Nathan Yau is based on data from the well-being module of the American Time Use Survey, taken from the US Census. People were asked to score their life satisfaction from 0 to 10, where10 is the best possible life and 0 is the worst possible life.
As it turns out, life satisfaction takes a big dip at 20 and rises somewhat after that. But then it surges ahead, reaching a peak at age 73 or so! It declines only a little after that, never falling to the levels of ages 30 and 40.

So don't pity the old or look back to the splendors of youth! Big data tells us: true happiness lies ahead! 


Random Tip:

You have come upstairs . . . but why? One way to remember what you came up for is to picture yourself where you were when you had that impulse to go upstairs. Recreating that little scene downstairs helps you remember the reason you came upstairs!